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Muslim Families evicted by BJP MLA - DOTO

Muslim Families evicted by BJP MLA

Muslim residents of sootea, a village situated in Sontipur district of Assam were displaced allegedly by BJP MLA Padma Hazarka on 5-9th December 2019 ,only for the reason that these residents did not vote for the Bhartiya Janta Party. There are a total of 426 families which include 1800 members who have been displaced. Currently these families stay in three different camps nearby sootea. The District Commissioner of Sontipur has claimed that these families where staying illegally on a Government land. However the Jamat-e-Islami Hindi press release stated that the Gauhati High court had put a stay order on the issue of eviction of these families. 65-year-old Akkas Ali told Arab News, “The government says we are encroachers and Bangladeshis, and they evicted us from our own land despite having all the documents. The larger goal, I feel, is that the BJP wants to settle down Hindu Bengalis in this area who will act as a permanent vote bank for the party.”

Other Informations
Source of information News Report Place of incident Village
Number of victims 1800 Identity of victim Muslims
Location of incident Village Was cross FIR filed Not Applicable
perpetrator Organizational Right Wing Hindutva Details of the FIR

Investigating agency Victim's lawyer
Role of police Police is allegedly part of the Perpetrator(s) Current status Not known
Charges Filed Other details
judgement Reference other information
Civil society reports

Jamat-e-Islami Hind

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Main Information
Date of incident: December 05, 2019
Nature of Violence
  • People leaving traditional food habits/Livelihood/Property
  • Causal factors
  • Religious identity
  • Name of the victim : Muslim families of Sootea, Assam
    Name of Perpetrator BJP MLA Padma Hazarika
    State Assam
    District/City Sonitpur
    Party In Power / Incidents BJP - Bharatiya Janata Party
    Media link